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Astro-Charts By now you may have noticed that the Black Moon has certain similarities with Pluto. They both rule over the domain of hidden. Both Pluto and the Black Moon understand and resonate with the notion of absolute. And this brings us to the Lilith aspect of the Black Moon. The Black Moon is a correct name when it comes to describing an astrological object that is the second empty focus of the lunar orbit.

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The Black Moon is a complex principle that can be somewhat described using these three notions:. Lilith is the feminine symbol that covers the whole spectrum of psychological traits, from rebellious and incredibly stubborn attitudes to the ideas behind female independence. Time Nomad clearly prefers the use of the Black Moon term since it allows for a wider variety for astrological interpretation. Not only its meaning has been narrowed by using the term Lilith, its most commonly used symbol or pictogram is a complete disaster from the standpoint of astrological and occult symbolism.

In visual symbolic language, the cross signifies matter. Same applies to all asteroids that have a cross at the base to highlight the fact that they are rocky formations. The Black Moon is represented by a reverted, smaller black pictogram of the Moon which makes a perfect symbolic sense. Now, the Black Moon pictogram with a cross at its base represents an asteroid Lilith that is a completely different astrological entity.

This Week in Astrology: Black Moon and Bright Stars

Time Nomad app uses this symbolically correct pictogram of the Black Moon, reserving the crossed version for asteroid Lilith. What is a good time to look into your hidden self? Obviously the time when the Black Moon is less inconspicuous.

Black Moon Lilith Astrology

Every time the Moon is on its apogee , which is the name for its maximum distance from the Earth, it is automatically aligned with the Black Moon. Time Nomad app helps to keep track of the moments when the Moon is on its Apogee and therefore aligned with the Black Moon. Suppressed, Lilith becomes a dark, psychological shadow that can operate under our skin and out in the world in destructive ways.

Liberated, it can become a force for rebirth, revolution and universal good. The key to choosing well is a willingness to become aware, to accept, to grieve and to celebrate your inner demonic goddess. In this workshop, through flower essence treatments and meditation journeying, we will:.

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Go to www. Print your natal chart wheel with the Lilith symbol a crescent moon sitting atop a cross showing. If you need a chart with your personal placement of Lilith, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop, so we can pull up your astrological chart and get your Lilith placement well ahead of time.

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Using the unique guidance in your astrological chart, she coaches people through the process of releasing toxic behaviors, and manifesting greater health, prosperity and resilience in their lives. Add to Calendar.

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Find out your Black Moon Lilith sign with the Lillith calculator. Enter your birth data to determine your Black Moon in the zodiac signs. In today’s reading, I used Susan Sheppard’s Black Moon Astrology Cards (for more information on the actual cards please scroll down). Mars is exalted in Capricorn and the Black Moon is in Capricorn as well. The Black Moon Astrology Cards by Susan Sheppard is a deck of 52 cards.

It can also be far from anywhere the apogee is likely to be in the near future. Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion are here. Astrologers seem to like to argue about which point is best, but I think the thing is to understand what each of them are, so you can apply the astronomical symbolism to your own observations of how the points work in charts.

The other end, where the Earth is not, is the empty focal point of the ellipse. In practice, the Apogee and the Empty Focus can be thought of as being in the same place on the chart, but the difference in symbolism can be relevant. Further Reading Juan Revilla gives a thorough and detailed technical explanation here.