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Horse (zodiac)

Born OX. Then you can read Learn more about your chinese animal sign. Charming and sociable, but a cool cookie. The Rat is comfortable within groups of people, and work well with the public. They are creative and quite smart. They grasp situations quickly and pay attention to details.

ringtodigarus.ml They take advantage of opportunity, and move towards their mark, but since they cannot resist the chance to move quickly; sometimes they can overstep their boundaries and take on too much at one time. They are passionate lovers; and their feelings are true. They are dedicated to their friends and give heartfelt advice and comfort.

February 12 1968 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

The Ox is study and plows the fields alone. They are independent workers and dedicated for the long haul. They can be loners. Social gatherings are more dutiful than needed.

Family structure is important to the ox. Values and morals are taught.

2019 Fortune for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

They cherish their private lives and homestead. The Ox is not usually adventurous.

12222 Chinese Horoscopes Pig Year for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

They enjoy their leisure time after the long day; working in their yards, and on projects away from the crowds. Not the most romantic, but very faithful. Tigers are passionate, strong, swift, and courageous. They love their freedom and do not do well when stripped of their independence. They can be quite dominate, and need to feel powerful. Not one that is afraid of meeting a situation head-on.

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They can be restless, and need challenges to keep them happy and healthy. Tigers make excellent friends and long lasting relationships if given their freedom. They are flirts, but committed to their partners. Parenting is a privilege.

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The peaceful little bunny. Usually keeping out of the fight, and at times turning a blind eye to dispute. Diplomatic, gentle, emotional and sentimental.

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Other jobs: secretary , dancer, insurance consultant. Dogs are the best colleagues anyone could ask for. Loyal and hardworking, you are seen as a valuable employee. If this is true for you then you should consider a career in sports or hospitality management. If your Chinese Sign is a Pig, then you are most likely very reliable.

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You have a kind of creative flair and would make a great technician , interior decorator or chef. In fact, you probably really enjoy cooking and would happily live the rest of your life as a caterer. You most definitely do not neglect your responsibilities. As a Pig, you are actually really well suited for a job that allows you to work from home — even if it means starting your own business. Other jobs: Restaurateur , Doctor , Entertainer.

The New Year’s Party that Lasts All Year

For solid career advice about choosing the perfect career for you and your personality, we have great Career Advice. Career Advice. Find the perfect job with your Chinese Horoscope Share:. How it works: Each year is dedicated to a particular animal and is calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Oh, and stay away from the gambling industry. Your potential is great since you have the most amazing luck! Other jobs: Restaurateur , Doctor , Entertainer For solid career advice about choosing the perfect career for you and your personality, we have great Career Advice.

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Watch: Simple but avoidable mistakes that could cost you the job. Watch: Asking these 5 questions will cost you your interview. How will the piggy influences affect the world in ? People seem to recover their sense of humour; they make more time to be friendly. Pigs are sensitive creatures; they dislike dramatic events, big changes and general unpleasantness so, politically perhaps, we can expect a calmer year with diplomacy taking precedence over discord.

Do you want to know what the Year of the Pig might bring you? Just find your sign, read the book, and maximise your chances of success in !